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Why You Want A Cool Roof  

EagleView Pictometry- Roof sketches for an accurate bid

Construction industry professionals and contractors depend on EagleView’s detailed, accurate structural property measurements to streamline their business processes, increase sales closing rates, improve production planning and increase profitability through time savings and more precise material ordering. The patented technology behind EagleView’s measurement process means customers can be assured the structure has been measured accurately.

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof: Cost Estimate with Powerwall 2 and Electricity Costs Included

“Steel price spike may not last” ~That’s what Len Boselovic’s Heard off the Street~

…..”U.S. prices for a ton of basic sheet steel have jumped $83, or 20 percent, over the last four weeks to $504, according to The Steel Index, a research firm that tracks industry trends.”…..

Cool Roof

Learn how switching to a cool roof can save you.

Roofing Products Update

GAF has added a few new members to their line of color selections, available only in the HD series.
These shingles are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for use in Title 24 projects — so California-based contractors can now offer homeowners a wider variety of color options with the iconic Timberline HD® look to meet their cool roofing needs.

Roofing Prices In Modesto Area

Although I don’t presently subscribe to the ProMatcher service, I thought the content was interesting and worth investigating.

Roof Inspection Report

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, one of the primary components of the home that will come under scrutiny is the roof. From an insurance perspective, the insurer needs to know that the roof is in good shape or must be restored and/or repaired prior to issuing coverage for the home. The roof inspection report is also for the protection of both buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. An existing homeowner that looks after their prized investment, their home, will also have a roof inspection performed as much as once per year.